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Smart HVAC is smarter than ever


Older thermostats were fairly simple devices. They used mechanical switches to turn heating and cooling off based on ambient air temperature. You set one single temperature that was maintained all day and all night. This necessitated an ongoing battle between energy savings and comfort because saving energy meant setting the temperature to a level that was either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.



Then along came programmable thermostats, which helped make the situation a little more bearable. Now, your home temperature could be set to different levels based around the activity of your family. You could program the thermostat to keep your home at more comfortable temperatures when everyone was home and awake, then dial back to more energy-efficient temperatures when everyone was gone or fast asleep.



Smarter means more adaptable


The problem with programmable thermostats is, most families don’t follow a rigid schedule. So variations in daily life that didn’t correspond with the thermostat’s schedule meant everyone was uncomfortable at least part of the time or you could be wasting energy.



Now, smart thermostats like the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat have changed the game entirely. Instead of following a set schedule, they can actually adapt to changes in activity and routine. Smart thermostats can proactively grab energy savings wherever they can, reducing system and utility costs based on your family’s actual schedule.



If you’d like smarter home comfort with an iComfort S30 smart thermostat, SAMPSON HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC
It knows where you are, and what you want


The iComfort S30 uses a variety of technologies to adapt to life and preserve consistent energy savings. These technologies all work together to find the perfect balance between energy use, temperature, and humidity, so you never have to sacrifice one for the other.



Schedule IQ™ Technology: While regular programmable thermostats follow a set routine, the iComfort S30 uses your programmed schedule as a guideline. If it detects a variation in the routine -- for example, a family leaving for the day a half-hour earlier than normal -- it automatically adapts its heating and cooling to match.



Smart Away™ Mode: To get the most accurate picture of your family’s activities, the iComfort S30 coordinates its operation with the GPS in your family’s smartphones. If it detects that everyone is away, it sets back the temperature to save energy. Then, when it detects a family member is on the way home, it restores normal operation so everyone always comes home to comfort.




Remote Capability:


To make sure you’re always in control, the iComfort S30 can be monitored and adjusted using the iComfort App on your mobile device. So you can make manual changes anytime you wish.

Active Monitoring: To ensure you have uninterrupted comfort, the iComfort S30 monitors itself continually. If it detects an issue or senses it’s time for regular system maintenance or a filter change, it can alert you and your dealer with a message via email.



If you’d like to make your home smarter, the possibilities are endless. And if you’d like smarter home comfort with an iComfort S30 smart thermostat, SAMPSON HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC your local Lennox® Dealer is here to help. 

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