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Sampson Heating winter tips on safety with your HVAC system to avoid #CarbonMonoxidePoisoning

With winter upon us and our calendars turning already to mid-February we want to remind you even though winter has been somewhat mild compared to last year, we are not entirely out of the woods yet! Possibilities of significant snow are high. Last year February was our snowiest month. Please take precautions to avoid #CarbonMonoxideBuildUp with #HVACSafetyTips by #SampsonHeating



If you are heating with gas we have a few tips for you and your neighbors concerning blocked furnace vents. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning causing these gases to build up in your home. It is known to causing illness and even leading to death. Here are some easy tips for you to avoid disaster:

  1. Use caution to shovel away the snow and clear paths around all your vent pipes.

  2. Spread the word around your household and help your neighbors to be aware for their safety also

  3. Be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors if you have not

  4. Check your batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and be sure to replace them if they are low

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