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A REScheck Heat Loss Calculation by SAMPSON HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC.:  We use the RESCheck heat loss calculation program to help determine the right size heating system for your home.  This is critical so the furnace is not sized too big or too small for your home.  A furnace too big for your home will cause the unit to short cycle which would reduce the life expectancy of the system and a furnace too small will always run and never maintain the desired temperature.  Both are very inefficient.  To determine the right furnace size, we input insulation R-values and window and door U-values to size the right system specific for your home.  This process is also very critical for new homes and most areas require a heat loss calculation for the permit process.


What is a REScheck?


A REScheck report is an energy code compliance analysis which documents that your residential building will meet or exceed the energy conservation standards developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Building.  The REScheck report includes Certificates of Compliance and Compliance Checklists consistent with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  Most areas that require energy code compliance will accept REScheck, however, call your building department just to be sure.



Do I need an energy compliance report?


Before they will issue a building permit, more and more building departments are requiring energy compliance reports such as REScheck and COMcheck.  Each building department has their own policies regarding what type of compliance analysis they will accept.  Most departments requiring energy compliance will accept REScheck and COMcheck reports.

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